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The purpose of this website is to introduce myself as a Certified Trainer in the Houston area and to help Dentrix Users learn about the capabilities of their Dentrix Program. So, first things first, allow me to introduce myself. I have been a Certified Trainer for Dentrix and Easy Dental since 2004. From my initial certification I have continued to increase my knowledge of the Dentrix and Easy Dental programs. I earned my certification for Dentrix Enterprise in 2009 and High Tech in 2010. I was awarded Trainer of the Year for 2009.

I began my career in dentistry in 1974 as a Chairside Assistant. After 25 years in the clinical area, I moved to Office Administration.While my background is primarily in General Dentistry, I have a strong knowledge in all aspects of dentistry. As a former Dental Book Kamp Graduate and Coach I know what great customer service is; making YOUR business of dentistry Easy, Efficient and Effective, that is my goal as your trainer.


As for the second purpose of the website; there are several ways for you and your team to learn more about your Dentrix program.

·         In office training

·         Online training

·         This web site

You can find more information about in office and online training on the “Training and Other Services” page. 

This web site is an eCentral interactive web site.  I have set it up so visitors can log in as a new patient and fill out a questionnaire and as a patient of record to see what your patients see.

·         New Patient Forms:  To fill out a questionnaire, enter your name and today’s date as the appointment date.


·         Patient Information: Log in and take a look around

o   User name: bobdemo

o   Password: password

See the “User Tips" page for more information on websites and questionnaires.

Business of Dentistry


Las Vegas, NV August 8-10, 2013

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